Repossession? Stop it & Avoid Being Repossessed

Are you concerned about repossession? Would like to know what you can do to stop or avoid being repossessed? If you’re in arrears with mortgage payments or have had letters threatening eviction, we can help you. Even if you’ve been given notification of a court hearing or have been served with an eviction notice, it’s not too late to stop your home being repossessed by your mortgage company.

How we can help

The simplest way to avoid repossession is to sell your home. We can complete a quick property sale which is guaranteed, without facing the uncertainties of the housing market which could put your home at risk.

We act quickly. Although we can help you even up to a few hours before the eviction occurs, we are much more likely to be able to help you avoid repossession if you contact us as soon as possible. We do not charge any fees, and a call to us is free.

How it works

We purchase your property from you, or we could pay off your arrears by purchasing an Option on your property and help you to manage an open market sale. This allows you time to sell your home yourself through an estate agent and achieve the best possible price.

We realise repossession can be a confusing and complicated matter. You should start by looking through this section which explains clearly what it means and the alternatives open to you.

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