Tips to sell your house fast

At Northern Ireland House Buyers we can help you to sell your house fast guaranteed, but if you have time to persist with a traditional sale, here are the key things to bear in mind, when selling your house.

1. Finish those DIY jobs

It’s common for people who are selling their house not to bother with finishing off all those little (or sometimes large!) DIY jobs. But these can be really off putting to a potential buyer. Furthermore, if your buyer instructs a full survey or a Homebuyers Report all these things will be noted and you may be asked to reduce your price accordingly.

2. Get rid of the clutter

No one wants to look at your pile of videos, tools, dirty washing, kid’s toys, dog bowls… No one expects your property to look like a show home but they will expect you to have made an effort to show it to its full potential, especially if you are selling it for a top price

3. De-personalise

A buyer or tenant needs to imagine themselves in your property and they cannot do this with your personal things around. It’s especially important to pack your things away if you have ‘collections’ or hobbies. This will also help you to ‘mentally prepare’ for the move.

4. Clean

This cannot be stressed enough. Women will make the decision on purchasing a property 99 times out of 100. Even the bachelor will get his mum or his girlfriend to take a look! Most women can spot dirt from a hundred paces – and to live with someone else’s dirt – YUK!

5. Kerb appeal

Most people will see your property for the first time ‘driving by’ and will not waste their time viewing if it’s not what they want from the outside.

If your property doesn’t get them through the door you’re wasting your time. Once through the door, the majority of people recall getting that ‘it felt right feeling’ when they enter a property. If your entrance is warm and welcoming they will get that feeling.

6. Kitchens and Bathrooms

These places accumulate the most dirt and the most clutter. A tidy and a clean are all that these rooms usually need. A new shower curtain and fresh towels will go a long way as will ditching the curled up toothpaste tube and the sliver of soap!

7. Keep it neutral

If you do decide you can’t get away with not decorating before selling, opt for warm neutral colours; creams, peaches and beiges all work well for carpets and walls.

If you need to liven the place up, add some subtle co-ordination with accessories that you can take with you, rather than big bold splashes of colour.

8. What’s that room?

Make sure each room appears to be used as intended. If people are paying for a three bedroom house they expect to see three bedrooms, not two bedrooms and a storage room! If you use a bedroom as a study/laundry room/storage room then put in a sofa bed you gain a comfortable place to sit and still give the appearance of a bedroom. The same goes for conservatories.

9. Don’t market an empty property

Just as you need to de-personalise so buyers can see themselves living in your property you also need to ensure that you don’t go the other way by leaving it empty. You don’t want them to have to work too hard at using their imagination as they just won’t bother.

If your property is empty, they may not be able to imagine how it could look furnished. Rent or borrow some furniture so that the property looks more homely. And don’t skimp by not bothering with the accessories.

10. Use multiple estate agents

If you tie yourself into one agreement with an estate agent you could be prevented from appointing another one for as long as 3-6 months! If they can’t sell your property this is the worst position to be in so advertise your property with multiple agencies; at least 3.

The downside is you will often pay more fees as sole agencies will reduce their fees knowing they don’t have to compete with another agent. But you probably won’t mind paying a higher fee if the property is sold.

Northern Ireland House Buyers

We will consider your property in any condition because we are not ordinary buyers. We’re not worried about your colour schemes or the DIY jobs that need finishing. We just want to help you out of YOUR situation in any way we can

And don’t forget we can offer a wide range of solutions to your problems, including a purchase within 7 days if required, the option to rent it back, or even buy it back at a later date. You won’t know what we can do for you until you talk to us so contact us now!

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