Is your property not selling and you can’t pay my mortgage? It may be time to consider a different approach. At Northern Ireland House Buyers can help by buying your house quickly.

Many properties across Northern Ireland have been sitting on the market for sale with estate agents for months and some for years. Despite sellers engaging the use of multiple agents, the property still fails to sell. In the meantime, the seller may have moved on and could be paying 2 mortgages, or their old mortgage and their new rental property rent. Worse still, many sellers need to sell as they can’t afford their mortgage payments, but due to the Global Financial Crisis, banks are not lending, and they have been unsuccessful in selling their homes.

If you have been asking yourself the question “I can’t sell my house, and I can’t pay my mortgage, what do I do?” and you need a quick exit, maybe it’s time to consider a different approach.

Northern Ireland house buyers can step in, make the mortgage payments on your behalf, and take care of the problem property until we are able to sell it down the track. This can solve many problems, and allow for sellers to finally move on with their lives. For more information on how to sell a non selling property, please contact us immediately.

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