It is estimated around 41% of home owners in Northern Ireland have no equity or “cash bit” in their property. If this is your situation, and there is simply not enough money in your property, you may find it very difficult to sell, as it is such a strong “buyers market,” buyers are expecting discounts. If you were to discount your property, it would mean that you would walk away from it still owing the bank money.

Are you trapped in negative equity but need to sell your property?

  • Do you need to move or sell your home due to a change in family circumstances?
  • Are you an investor struggling with historical property debts?
  • Are you worried about the impact of rising interest rates on the repayments for your mortgage?
  • Are you struggling to afford your mortgage payments and would like a way out?
  • Are you a landlord with Tenancy problems and want to sell your property but worried about the Negative Equity?
  • Have you over borrowed or over extended?
  • Do you have problematic foreign properties that are in Negative Equity and do not know what to do?

Northern Ireland house buyers has a solution to your problem, where you can literally transfer the responsibility of the mortgage over to us, and finally walk away from a negative equity property.

There are negative equity options available to you

  • We help people sell their properties in negative equity.
  • We will help you correspond directly with the lenders.
  • Litigation action by lenders can be avoided.
  • Credit rating can remain unaffected, which will improve the chances of securing future borrowing.
  • Full & Final settlement allows clients to move on with their lives.
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