Sell Your House For More.  Get up to 110% of market value.

Landlords and Sellers, Make More Money on the sale of your property

  1. Have you been trying to sell your property for a while, but have been only receiving silly offers or no offers at all?
  2. Do you want to get more than the market is prepared to pay, and will just keep renting your property out for however long it takes until you achieve the sale price you want?
  3. As long as you can get a significantly higher sale price for your property, without incurring ANY costs in the meantime, would you be open to receiving your higher sale price via secure monthly instalments?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, we can help!

The Problem

We all know banks are not lending at the moment, so property sales are significantly slower. As a result, there are an abundance of properties for sale on the market in the UK.

Property prices have reduced since 2007, due to the Global Financial Crisis, and sellers are discounting to make a sale happen, as they are competing for fewer capable buyers.

Possible Solutions

  • Sit tight and wait for a buyer (may take a long time)
  • Reduce your asking price for a quick sale (no one wants to lose value here)
  • Restructure the way you sell property, making it available to the bulk bulkers who can afford to buy your property, but don’t need to rely on bank finance for it, allowing you a healthy sale price. This is where we specialise!

Landlords, do you want up to 110% of todays market price for your property, and in the mean time…

  1. A positive cash flow every month until your property sale completes
  2. Not a penny to pay on your mortgage!
  3. Not a penny to spend on maintenance!
  4. A quality of tenant like you have never seen before, as they become your buyer
  5. Not a penny more to spend on service charges
  6. Not a penny to spend on insurance
  7. Zero void periods
  8. A higher price than you could achieve today
  9. Change over to a hands off passive property investment
  10. No interactions with tenants
  11. No fees or estate agents sale commission to pay
  12. Sell a property that is in negative equity for your FULL mortgage amount, walking away debt free!

Sound too good to be true?

Introducing a new way selling your property that saves you costs and makes you more money, all at the same time!!

We all know property is not selling right now because banks aren’t lending, and people can’t get mortgages to buy property.

Our solution is massive in Australia and the USA. It is little know here, although it has been used in the UK since the Second World War, and we have done many of these transactions already in Northern Ireland.

Our process

  • Allows you to sell your property at market or above market sale price
  • Allows you to find a buyer for your property in 1/10th of the time it takes to get a buyer the traditional way
  • Delivers you a chunk of cash up front, a monthly cash flow, and a back end profit
  • Allows you to make more money by in essence becoming the bank, allowing buyers to pay you a monthly payment instead of the bank
  • Is the best solution for selling at a price you want, but earning a monthly cash flow, whilst having NO out of pocket expenses, no maintenance costs, no mortgage payments, no void periods, no refurbishment costs, and none of the bad stuff associated with renting.
  • Is the best way of selling property in negative equity, as we specialise in this
  • Is great if you want to hedge against poorly performing property yields with almost definite rising interest rates to come!!

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