The Global Financial Crisis has seen many people lose their jobs and the risk of repossessions become more problematic. Once you miss one or more payments, your credit foot print can become tarnished, making it more difficult to apply for future credit cards, loans and even rental property. If you allow your property to be repossessed, there is next to no lending institution that will be likely to offer you a mortgage in the future, and you will have a black mark against you name for years to come.

If you can’t afford to pay your mortgage, you have mounting arrears building up, and have been unable to sell your property quickly for a price high enough to clear your mortgage, you can now simply transfer you arrears and mortgage over to us, we will babysit the property, covering all costs including mortgage, maintenance, insurance, service charges, until we are able to sell it down the track. Not only will this mean that we can save you within a very short time from being repossessed and the stigma that goes with that, but because we make the payments on your property on time every time, you will also correct and boost your credit rating.

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